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Event:Tue 8th June: Permaculture & Activism: WIN at WDM meeting (Brighton)

On Tuesday 8th June 2010, I look forward to leading a discussion on Permaculture & Activism at the Brighton & Hove local group of the World Development Movement (more about the group here) They are a fantastic group and have a small core of experienced, intelligent activists. In fact, they in part inspired the initiation of Wisdom In Nature (I was an active member of WDM in Brighton several years ago). I have found their discussions to be really stimulating, and they enjoy reaching out to explore a range of areas far beyond any immediate topic they might be campagining on.
The event starts at 7.30pm (Venue: Brighton Peace & Environment Centre (BPEC), 39 – 41 Surrey Street, opposite Brighton station), and the discussion is part of their June monthly meeting at which they’ll also be revisiting their past events and planning new stuff.
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