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XR Faith Bridge 2019 (London): Muslims XR Statement & Invite

International Rebellion

The Faith Bridge is due to take place from 7th-20th  October 2019 at: Lambeth Bridge, London SE1 7SG, United Kingdom (as of 30/9/19)

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Wisdom In Nature is pleased to promote the XR Muslims statement for the Faith Bridge at the XR International Rebellion in October 2019:


XR Muslims – Statement

Bismillāh ir-Ra ḥ mān ir-Ra ḥ īm
(In the name of Allah, The Infinitely Merciful, The Infinitely Compassionate)

“Corruption has appeared in the land and sea, because of what the hands of men have earned, that God may give them a taste of some of their deeds, in order that they may find their way back to the right path” (Qu’ran 30:41)

“If Truth followed [humanity’s] desires the heavens and earth and everything within them would be corrupted. Nay, We have come to them with their Remembrance and they turn away from their Remembrance.” (Qu’ran 23:71)

“Verily, Allah does not change men’s condition unless they change their inner selves” (Qu’ran 13:11)

Our children and future generations are in jeopardy, due to the self-inflicted climate emergency.

Muslim countries in the Global South are amongst the first to be hit by the consequences of the climate emergency – massive flooding, rising sea levels, violent hurricanes, desertification and water shortages. Reports predict temperatures in Mecca will go over the “Extreme Danger” heat threshold as soon as 2020, putting pilgrims on the Hajj at severe risk especially the elderly.

As Muslims we are responsible for building a society balanced with truth, equity, justice and compassion. Islam is a way of life that encourages us Muslims to seek knowledge and excel in all fields, including the sciences. Islam teaches that we should refrain from engaging in an activity once we have evidence to prove that this activity is detrimental to our wellbeing. ​ We have a duty to exercise our individual and collective sacred responsibility to maintain the Quranic instruction of ​ Al Mizan ​ (balance) over Allah’s creations.

By following only our desires, surah 23:71 foretells that this will lead to a state of corruption and yet, ​ at the same time, that this is also an opportunity for emancipation​ . This crises is also an opportunity to “re-member” our responsibilities and find our way back to the path of Truth (​ Al Haq ).

Therefore, to take action to restore health to our air, our soil, our water, is an act of remembrance of Allah (​dhikr), and an act of compassion towards Allah’s creations (Rahmah).

Let us come together with Extinction Rebellion, with each other and people of other faiths, to bring ​ Al Mizan ​ and ​ Rahmah ​ to our wounded planet, our wounded humanity.

XR Muslims​ (​​ )
Facebook: ​ Extinction Rebellion Muslims
From 7 – 21 October: ​ XR Faith Bridge

WiN is also aware of this FB event for the Faith Bridge here


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