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Gathering Momentum with the ICFP…

Our next gathering of the Islamic Community Food Project (i.e. ICFP!) is due on May 8th. So, let’s take a look at of some of the ideas that are brewing..!

Firstly, we’ve been brainstorming ways of keeping the creativity and energy going between the gatherings at Spitalfields. We went through a facilitated exercise a couple of weeks ago and captured ideas that were shared on this very topic. See flip chart, below. To enlarge, simply click on the photo…

We’ll develop this further and have already started to act on it as a team.

Participants in the project are also excited about jointly organising a potential action in July, in the form of a stimulating, fun, open event on the theme of the project. At the May gathering we will carry this forward and ask ourselves, what would we like to see at this July event? And what can we each offer?

The outline so far centres on: a campfire, picnic, workshops, talks. These, and other ideas raised, were caught on this next flip chart:

So, the next step will be the next gathering, where we will share more ideas, get organised and make the imagined real! The date for this is
Sunday 8th May 2011, and it will be at Spitalfields City farm. We’ll be putting a post up about this very soon. Stay tuned, and come join in if you want to be part of this movement for organised social change…!


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