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“If People Are Unable to Imagine a Positive Future, They Won’t Create It”: Emergence Summit: Sept 2012

“And hold fast, all together, unto the bond with God..” [Qur’an 3:103] 
Whatever changes are taking place in the world, the universal heart will be forever present. Can we tune in, to its beat? For its beat is the source of navigation as we traverse waters whether turbulent or still.
Thanks to working within lovely WIN, I have been invited and agreed to participate in what sounds like a kind of ecopilgrimage(!) through Wales this Sept (2012): camping, trekking along lesser travelled routes (partly in silence), and creating with activists, visionaries and artists who recognise that with climate change, peak oil, economic collapse and so on.. humanity has taken a wrong turn. 
 We intend to imagine together the future we do want. The Summit will culminate at the Centre for Alternative Technology for a weekend conference.
More about the Emergence Summit is here:
Below is a six minute video about the idea and how it evolved.
I’ve been told that the summit will be filmed and daily highlights will be uploaded. It will be possible to follow the Summit on twitter and facebook. The Emergence website should have more info (soon!).

Muzammal Hussain

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