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Islamic Group: Away from GM Crops – Towards Holistic Approaches Aligned with Core Islamic Principles

 WIN’s Position on GM Food 
Away from GM Crops –
Towards holistic approaches aligned with core Islamic Principles 
“At WIN, through our research, discussions and reflections, we believe that the release of GM organisms into the wider ecology should, from an Islamic perspective, be opposed.
Furthermore, we believe that there are approaches – such as permaculture, organic farming and agroforestry – that have fewer risks, are based on a greater recognition of the interconnectedness of life, and which instead of undermining relationships, draw on principles that nurture them. They thus are more in alignment with core principles from the spiritual traditions including Islam. 
We ask Muslim communities around the world to wake up to the fact that industrial farming practices, of which GM is a part, do not fit with core Islamic values. In the same light, we cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that GM crops are fed to animals destined for halal slaughter. 
If the ‘halal’ stamp is incapable of defining what is Islamic, we must move beyond the false comfort zone the term ‘halal’ has provided, for it is now beyond any doubt that a more authentic ‘Islam’ needs to emerge, one that is alive to the challenges of our time, yet remains in union with the spirit of this beautiful tradition.
Also, we believe that as we move away from large scale industrial farming towards smaller scale decentralised food production, this would not only be more compatible with a sustainable, life supporting future, but would also lead to greater empowerment. Such a move will also draw people, land, livelihood and traditional local knowledge together, enriching biodiversity and nurturing community.
Witnessing the small, but growing numbers of Muslims working at the grassroots with fellow citizens of the world to create a new, more wholesome paradigm gives us much hope.
We have produced the GM section on our website in a style that we hope is readable, while outlining key background information to help readers appreciate the reasoning and principles leading us to take the clear position we have.
We received no funding for this project, and the production of this part of the website was completed entirely through voluntary efforts.
Wisdom In Nature is open to collaboration and partnerships with like-minded people, networks and organisations. Please get in touch!”
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