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Khutba Recording: ‘A Human Response to Climate Change: Including all Parts’

A Khutbah delivered by Wisdom In Nature Rep, Muzammal Hussain. YouTube Recording is below

Hosted by Inclusive Mosque Initiative on Fri Oct 23rd, 2015 in Bethnal Green, London

Some words Muzammal shared in advance of the day>>>  

“I am honoured to have been invited by IMI to deliver a khutba at their Friday prayer. I would really like to use this opportunity to invite us to reflect on our relationship with the earth, and how we might respond when it calls out in pain.

To me, this call from the earth – is a call to heal. It involves a journey of awareness and healing: of our selves, our beliefs (acknowledged and unacknowledged), our communities, and the structures and paradigms that our lives are embedded into.

It means giving attention and ‘listening’ to all parts – for the voices that cry out in pain are the voices that we have marginalised. Yet, every voice offers itself to be witnessed and included, so that together we – individually, and as communities in nature, in our diversity and beauty – can be healed, all parts can come together as we become whole.

I look forward to sharing and connecting with you this Friday in Bethnal Green .”

YouTube Talk Content

  • Intro: 0 secs

  • Climate Change: Entering into the Context: 1 min 30secs

  • An Islamic perspective: Fasad & the Voice of the Earth: 5 mins 15secs

  • Responding to the Earth’s voice incl. Social Movements & Reflection on Power: 8 mins 15 secs

  • Interconnectedness: Nature, Economy and Us: 12 mins 5 secs

  • Creating Alternatives: Mirroring the World We Want: 15 mins

  • The Importance of ‘Conflict’ as a Vehicle to Grow: 17 mins 10 secs

  • Including Marginalised Voices: A Reflective Exercise: 18 mins 45 secs

  • ‘Nature’ as a teacher (Permaculture) & the Qur’ an : 21 mins 22 secs

  • Where Next?: Questions for Reflection: 24 mins 50 secs




And some after thoughts…

“I am feeling humbled by the courageous and pioneering work IMI are doing, Conscious inclusivity is a quality that was palpable for me at the jummah – Big thank you and much appreciation to the organisers! It was an honour to have had the opportunity to have delivered the khutbah, and my first time in delivering one.

While being in the role of khateeb felt a little surreal and I felt a bit awkward in the role (more used to delivering interactive workshops!) it was a really valuable experience. It’s got me reflecting on how a khutbah could be pitched to be relevant to those listening without diluting the depth and holistic importance of any message.

I am thus asking myself, how can I better tap into what is alive for those in the room in a setup where people are coming for jummah, and verbal communcation is essentially one-way?”

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  1. wisdominnature

    Thank you Duane for taking the time to comment with your kind words and and connect online. Maybe we will connect with you in person at some point.

    We are very grateful to those offering their time voluntarily to record and put together the recording without which the khutbah would not be at all available for anyone else to listen to online. It is not actually meant to be a video, but an audio with supportive text.

    We welcome volunteers coming forward to offer skills including filming, and thus if you or anyone you know has and would like to offer such (or other) skills that will support this work, the following page on our website is worth visiting, and we look forward to potentially hearing from you>>

    Thank you again for connecting.

  2. duane

    Asalam walikum wa rahamatuallaha wabarakatu . I recently discovered this web site and i want to commend those involved . it is very pertinent for this time especialy in the context of showing what islam has to offer in terms of offering soloutions to the great challenges facing mankind in relation to the natural world and our own surival . O would like to connect with you all in some way as i have been involved in this area for some time and havent seen much representation coming from the umma in terms of this . I appreciate the lectures and programs but would like to offer some observations in that the video lacks life in that people like to see ppl talking in delivering a lecture it makes it more attractive and understandable also the sound is a bit low on the recording it should be louder and clearer . However in the future i hope i can connect with this organization in a more meaningfull way inshallaha

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