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Mass action against GM – Sunday, May 27th 2012 (Hertfordshire)

A form of GM wheat engineered to repel aphids has been planted in an open-air field in Hertfordshire, UK.  The institute responsible for this is a publicly funded agricultural research institute.  Unfortunately, growing GM crops in the open means there are many risks, and contamination of the wider ecology is inevitable.

A grassroots movement called Take the Flour Back is organizing an action on Sunday, May 27th 2012 to remove the crops if the institute has not already done so – thereby removing the potential harmful impact of growing these crops in the open.   People are invited to participate in the decontamination or show their support for the action.

Given the extensive work that WIN reps have engaged in with regard to food and GM over the years, and the implication of growing GM crops in the open, WIN would like to draw attention to this action.

Learn more about the action here:
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