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Moving And Shifting This Ramadan

I am not fasting this Ramadan. Over the past few years I have often not fasted, due to the blessings of babies. Consequently, in my endeavours to move closer to Allah during this month, I have retained, rather than given up, my dependence upon food and plentiful drink during daylight.
I used to practice a Lenten fast, for which I did not abstain from eating and drinking from dawn til dusk, but rather I temporarily gave up particular consumer practices over a six week period. For my last Lenten fast, I chose to give up a few key things that I felt mastered how I planned and enjoyed my daily structure. Having let go of them, I shifted easily into devoting more time, thought and love to activity which nurtured my sense of spiritual well being and my sense of being able to be useful for good in this world.
For me, it has been easier to make shifts in my living habits and patterns when I’ve given up tangible things. So this year for Ramadan, I want to use Ramadan as a focal period for giving up consumer things that consume me spiritually and are destructive to myself and others, and for moving towards my true needs for spiritual wellness and for being constructive to a better world. My intention is to be guided by the transformative approach behind Wisdom in Nature’s, Fast for the Planet.
I have chosen to focus upon two movements from the concept of Fast for the Planet: ‘to move away from our collective submission to consumerism’; and ‘to move towards simplicity, sharing, and community building.’ So, if Allah wills it so, I’ll keep you up to date with how I act upon these intentions.
Wishing you the blessings of Ramadan,
Elizabeth Lymer
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