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Refer to us as an ‘Environmental’ Group, and You’ll Get a Funny Look

When somebody refers to us as an ‘environmental group’ I feel like turning my head to see who in the room they are referring to.

While we did start out (more than 10 years ago) with a focus on the ‘environment’, it soon became clear not only that nature comprises both the ‘environment’ and human beings, but that the best solutions for what we place under the environmental crisis are actually centred on relationship.

How we relate to and engage with one another (as well as the wider world) is key to the state of the environment. It involves really listening to needs and gifts, and finding ways to draw out the potential and creativity amongst a diversity of people who come together. It means being both real and being able to dream together in community.

It is this journey which led to ‘facilitation‘ being a core part of what we strive to become good at, and what we teach. Without the capacity to listen, draw out wisdom, consciously work with the difficult (in groups), and activate our collective intelligence that allows us to tap into a deeper more inclusive knowing, we have little hope. Yet with it, we can trust we will have all the resources we will need.

So this is why facilitation is one of the three aspects of workshops Wisdom In Nature offers – and this also explains why we might give you a strange look if you refer to us as an environmental group!…

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