On this page, you will find a selection of audiovisual material available for listening/viewing. Please note that in keeping with allowing a diversity of viewpoints, the opinions held in these talks should be viewed as being of those of the speaker at the time, and may not in every instance be formally held by WIN.

Interconnectedness & Relationship: Basis for an Islamic Ecology

Muzammal Hussain (WIN) & Shumaisa Khan (WIN)
Talks hosted by the Inclusive Mosque Initiative: March 2013

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Engaged Islam ~ Contemplative Action in Our Changing Times

A Public Meeting in London: January 2012

Derek Wall (Green activist, writer and economist) kicks off the meeting outlining the rise, value and evolution of grassroot movements for democracy and justice, and the value of religion in today’s world.

Shumaisa Khan
(WIN Rep) talks about social movements in relation to Islam, the value of dialogue and consultation distinguishing Islamic tradition from contemporary Muslim culture, and how movements of today might support the revival of a true Islamic tradition.

Muzammal Hussain
(WIN Rep) talks about recent grassroot movements such as Arab Spring and Occupy, the importance for Muslims to develop their potential to facilitate within groups, and questions the belief that Muslims must always have a leader, while outlining some qualities of an ‘Engaged Islam’ for our times.

WIN Rep Interview on USA Radio Tahrir

Muzammal Hussain talks to Saadia Aslam from Radio Tahrir, on WBAI Radio (Topics: Origin of Wisdom In Nature, Role of Khalifah, WIN’s Islamic Community Food Project, the Green Muslim movement in USA and more..) (Nov 2010 in USA).

Compassion in Activism

A talk by the late Gene Stoltzfus (Christian Peacemaker Teams, Director Emeritus), as part of LINE’s Jan 2009 monthly forum.

Biofuels & the Food Crisis

A talk by Helena Paul (EcoNexus) as part of LINE’s Aug 2008 monthly forum.

Islam & Ecology: A Short Exploration

A talk by Muzammal Hussain (LINE) at a Green Faiths Day at Worth Abbey Monastery (June 2008). Touching on Islamic ecological themes, the economic system, and how the environmental crisis can be seen from an Islamic perspective to signal an essential need for a deep transformation..

Monetary Justice, Ecological Justice

A talk by Canon Peter Challen, Chair of the Christian Council for Monetary Justice; as part of LINE’s Jan 2008 monthly forum

‘Offsetting’ Carbon Emissions: Does it Help, or Does it Hurt?

A talk by Larry Lohmann, The Corner House, as part of LINE’s July 2007 monthly forum.

Islam & the Environment: Basic Concepts (Tawhid, Mizan, Fasad, Fitra & Khilafah).

A talk by Usama Hasan, June 2007, within an ‘Islam & Environment Training Day’, with LINE, Friends of the Earth, and Tawhid Mosque.