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Some Permaculture-related Reading from Our Blog

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Some Useful Permaculture Links

Permaculture Association of Britain (PAB)

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London Permaculture Network

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Some Recommended Permaculture Books

Permaculture: A Beginners Guide: By Graham Burnett
A wonderful little book for beginners, providing an excellent introduction to the permaculture approach.

The Permaculture Way / Also, The Permaculture Garden: Both by Graham Bell
Two very readable books by the same author. Both are useful in their own right.

Permaculture Design: A step-by-step guide: By Aranya
A clear guide book taking you through the nuts and bolts of the design process. Particularly useful to help apply what you’ve learnt in the 72 hour Permaculture Design Course (PDC) or if you are going on to do the diploma.

People & Permaculture: By Looby Mcnamara
A pioneering book, pushing further into the realm of applying permaculture to people-based and community designs.

The One Straw Revolution: By Masanobu Fukuoka
Not explicitly about permaculture but an inspiration to many permaculture designers.

The Earth Care Manual: By Patrick Whitefield
Comprehensive, and very well written. For Britain and other Temperate Climates.