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Sun 26th Sept: Islamic Community Food Project (London)

Awareness, Grassroots Organising, & Action..

Organised by Wisdom In Nature (WIN) with Spitalfields City Farm

Registration details below

Date: Sun 26th Sept 2010
Time: 11am to 4pm
Venue: Spitalfields City Farm, Buxton Street, London, E1 5AR. (Nearest tubes: Whitechapel (Hammersmith & City / District Lines), Aldgate East (Hammersmith & City / District Lines), Bethnal Green (Central Line); Buses D3)
Includes a hands-on practical.
As more people organise from the grassroots, community food initiatives are on the rise. These small steps not only empower, but offer alternatives to the globalised food system that favours multinationals. At the same time, within Muslim communities awareness is growing that Islam offers ecological principles that extend beyond the term ‘halal’.

With a deeper food ethic waiting to emerge more fully, there is much that spiritual traditions can offer and Muslims and others can do, to contribute to a more holistic paradigm one that empowers individuals, helps build resilient communities, and genuinely draws us towards a sustainable and more compassionate world.
When we come together with our different life experiences, skills, and backgrounds, we can achieve so much more than when we work in isolation. This day is for anyone who wants to work with others to help culture this new paradigm. It is for those who want to hear and share ideas & stories, reflect on what is possible, and take small, vital steps to make the imagined real. 

The programme will include: A workshop with Wasi Daniju & Muzammal Hussain, from Wisdom In Nature;
& a practical on the land with Naomi Glass, from Spitalfields City Farm. 

To make the most of the day, bring an open mind, a team spirit, and the yearning of your soul to create something wholesome for all. This is a first event, and for those who want it, can lead to further opportunities to connect and organise with like-minded participants.
Please dress for the weather and bring sturdy footwear. A vegetarian soup meal and refreshments will be provided. Feel free to complement with any small snack to share. 

COST: £2 donation per person will cover expenses including food.
Wisdom In Nature
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    Certainly. Thank you for your question. <br /><br />The event involves a hands-on practical (there will be at least a couple of options depending on the needs of the farm), as well as facilitated exercises helping to draw out experiences, ideas and skills that each participant brings, according to the theme. The shape and direction that the Islamic Community Food Project then takes (note that

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