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Update & WIN’s 4 Core Strands coming up…

The last few months for WIN has been a time of reflection, processing, and considering next steps – within the changing landscape of activism, electronic media, and our local and global communities. The question has also been asked what extent is WIN still needed. Confusion has been present, and we have allowed it to be – allowing we pray for an authentic clarity to emerge – and which thanks to a Higher reality, seems to now be happening.

Also during this time, there have been various conversations taking place between WIN Reps and colleagues in other networks. The emerging Occupy movement has also had an invigorating effect, re-affirming to us the universal value of a process-oriented approach, something we have worked with and been delighted in staying with at a practical hands-on level (yet within a contemplative framework), for considerable time. It is clear that there is an emerging activism, which an organisation such as WIN – that has a policy of not accepting donations from corporations or government, and that knits issues together (we have often been hard to classify by those who like the word ‘environmental’!), values ‘process’ and a bottom up democracy – shares something fundamental with. Recently, we announced our statement of official support for this emerging movement.

We’ve also been contemplating how to articulate a clearer framework for what WIN represents. Internally, we’ve cultivated a clear ethos – (important in an age in which principles can become diluted over time). Yet, there was a sense that more still needed to be done, including externally.

On the one hand it is possible to be too open yet lacking in focus; and on the other hand, it is possible to be too focussed to the point of being reductionist. We are beginning to find what seems like a healthy balance between focus and openness – and this has been supported by the moving ‘away from‘ / moving ‘towards‘ strands of Fast for the Planet, which we initiated a few years ago. We are adapting it to a form more specific for WIN’s direction in today’s world, also with an additional explicit statement pointing to an underpinning Islamic reference point. We’ll be sharing the provisional version of this framework soon (and comments will be welcome), but to get a flavour, (and this is already on our main website) it outlines very simply: Earth & Community, Deep Democracy, Whole Economics, and Climate Justice.

Coupled with the above, in the near future, we intend to also put out a more formal process for volunteering within WIN – a clear notice, and an application form for those interested. We hope this will help draw more coherent and consistent energy to WIN’s developing activities (although it will need time-input to coordinate).

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  1. Knox

    After a rather extended period of self-reflection, and drawing in to re-evaluate and engage more in the world directly around me (that of myself, my friends, and my family), I am just beginning to once more venture out and delve back into the wider world of action. Looking forward to catching up with WIN again.

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