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WIN Announces Support to ‘Occupy’ Movement

As a group grounded in the unifying principles of Islam, Wisdom In Nature supports the intention underpinning Occupy London, Brighton and other Occupy spaces around the world – economic justice, participative democracy, and the means being as important as the end – principles that we hold dear. We stand alongside sincere people of all faiths and those of no faith who share these universal values.


The dominant economic system based on fictitious money and compound interest is a system that is broken and does not serve us or our planet. Rather than a system that concentrates power among the few, we need one that is fair.


We value the energy of people coming together to listen to each other as a means of drawing out consensus and attempting to actualise a more equal and just world for all – a world in which the welfare of our diverse communities and the planet supersedes self-interest and materialism.


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