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WIN Supporters at ‘Occupy London’

Yesterday, WIN supporters organised non-violently with hundreds of others, at the London occupation against the unjust economic system. Looking for a way into the financial centre, the gathering of quite a diverse bunch of people eventually settled outside St Paul’s cathedral. There was hope for a better world, music, & sit-down sessions to work out the nuts and bolts of the movement’s next steps. There is no doubt that something significant is taking shape.NOTE: The occupation will need support including some basic necessities as people camp and organise. 1 way to find out more: here’s a blog post from a WIN supporter:

Update: The vicar of St Paul’s came out to welcome occupation – he said they could stay, and asked the police to leave.

Well done to St Paul’s for supporting peaceful occupation against economic injustice, and thus demonstrating Christianity’s core values by example. 

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