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transformative training

Find out about our Permaculture courses – Land-based & social regenerative design, mirroring principles & patterns in nature.

Discover the profound ecological principles in Islam, reflecting the universal principle of tawhid, Oneness.

Learn to facilitate groups. Develop awareness around diversity and inclusive decision-making. Or invite us to facilitate.

The Times We Are In

In a world in which the dominant structures are degrading life on earth, there is an essential need for humanity to actualise more of its tremendous potential and co-create alternative paradigms that are life-supporting, beautiful and whole.

We need opportunities to reflect, listen, get creative, step into one another’s shoes, skill up in inclusive decision-making, feel emotions, breathe deeply when it get’s uncomfortable, play, speak truth to power and take wise action!

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You can book onto any upcoming courses or invite us to deliver one especially for the needs of your group or event

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Our Approach

We draw on the practicality of Permaculture,  the richness of a spiritual tradition – Islamand wonderful contemporary approaches to conscious group work that draw on diversity as a strength.

Our expertise in including any combination of these complementary approaches, allows us to weave together powerful training that is educational, fun, inspiring, and transformative! To enhance the effectiveness of our work while cultivating beneficial relationships, we are also open to collaboration and partnerships with like-minded organisations.

The Role of Wisdom In Nature

At Wisdom In Nature, we design and deliver experiential courses & training to support groups and communities to acquire the tools, skills, awareness and inspiration needed, so we can co-create the resilient, wholesome and beautiful world we know is possible.

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