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Concept Underpinning Four Strands: ‘Engaged Surrender’

WIN’s four core strands are underpinned by the concept of Engaged Surrender: a nonviolent, process-oriented activism, expressed through a contemplative dimension within the framework of Islam (Surrender to the Divine).

Surrender to the Divine

Islam is essentially surrender of the individual self to the Divine. Related to this is that pure, natural state in which all human beings have been created – the state of fitrah. Conditioning can pull us away from this natural state. Re-establishing ourselves in the fitrah requires conscious work. Engaging outwardly from this state is what this concept, Engaged Surrender refers to, which we have defined in a way that we have considered to be appropriate to our context.

Mirroring the World We Want
Wisdom In Nature is a ‘process-oriented’ group. The idea is simple. We believe that how we do things is as important as what we want. Indeed our intention is to mirror the world we want in the way, in ‘how’ we do things. if we want a peaceful world, we must resolve inner conflicts and discover the peace in ourselves. If we want a just world, we must learn to live justly. 
“If you want democracy, you must demonstrate its principles.”
Aung San Suu Kyi
Some related aspects worth mentioning here are as follows:
At WIN we draw on a deep democratic approach within our own work…


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