Training FAQ’s & Enquiries

Below is a FAQ section which includes information about our fees.

Also below is a Workshop & Course Enquiry form.  You are welcome to call us beforehand if you wish.

Courses & Training FAQ’s

Who are your workshops & courses suitable for?

We’ve delivered workshops to: students, school children, professionals, unemployed, youth groups, women’s circles, activists, non-activists, Muslims, and people from a range of faiths & beliefs i.e. we are able to relate to a wide cross section of society.

Whoever the participants are, we always aim to make our workshops fun, engaging, dynamic and relevant.

What fee do you charge?

Our workshops and courses do require finances to run, and you would therefore need to think of ways of funding us to deliver.

You may already have savings or a grant, or you may want to charge your members a fee to participate.

You may be able to save costs if you already have a venue.

Alternatively, it may be possible to use a combination of the above.

If you would like to discuss any ideas you have, please feel free to contact us!

Also, below is a rough guide.

  • Whole Day workshop: £45-£55 per participant (based on a minimum of 6 participants), E.g. £450-£550 for a group of 10.
  • 2 hour workshop: £150-£200 total for group.
  • Other time frames are also available: Please enquire.

Note: The exact fee will depend on the size of the group, the number of facilitators, any financial constraints, as well as our travel time and expenses (our travel expenses may need adding on). We can discuss together, and offer a quote.

  • Talks: We can provide a speaker for events/conferences etc.. Fee: e.g. £75-£150 + travel.

Concessions: For voluntarily run community groups in particular and cooperatives, we may agree to certain workshops and talks at a reduced rate, or expenses only, also taking into account our own constraints. Feel free to enquire. We are also open to skills/resource/time swaps where appropriate.

Can I donate money to support lower-income groups to participate in training you offer?

Abolutely! We value diversity, and want to include as wide a cross-section of society as possible.

Donations or gifting will suport individuals from less economically privileged backgrounds to take part in our training, thus enriching the overall learning experience for everyone and accelerating our movement to a more resilient, wholesome and beautiful world.

Pleas contact us if you would like to do this, or you may like to give a general donation/find out more here.

Workshops & Courses Enquiries

Use the form below if you would like to enquire having us design and deliver a workshop or course specifically for your group. If you would like a chat first, you will find our phone number here.

Once we have read you form, we will get back to you. Before confirming any training we would likely also want to speak at some point. This can be done over the phone or on skype.

We look forward to hearing from you!