Facilitation & Group Work

The Essential Need for Skillful Facilitators

How a group works, can be as important as what a group does. At WiN, we believe that developing skills in facilitating groups (i.e. ourselves!) is an overlooked, yet core necessity to ensure our groups and networks are working and making decisions in a healthy way. 

These skills are also at the core of creating conscious communites and alternatives to the mainstream and its power structures. It’s people-to-people stuff that can often be the most challenging. Yet we need one another to create the beautiful, wholesome alternatives we know are possible – there is no way out!

That is precisely why we we give so much importance to facilitation skills and conscious group work.

Over the years we’ve seen good facilitation and poor facilitation. Good facilitation empowers, whereas poor facilitation can leave people feeling unheard, frustrated, and piles up problems for the future.

Within our group we practice inclusive forms of decision-making, such as consensus and sociocracy, explore power dynamics as well as diversity, margins and mainstreams for example, and draw on work from a range of sources and experience such as the direct action movement and Process Work.

Our approach involves being present to conflict enabling it to be processed rather than suppressed, so it’s bound up energy can be freed while revealing insights, deeper understanding  and wisdom helping us to move forward.

We also take time to reflect on how we are doing things, and continue training ourselves and collaborate with others to support our ongoing development.

Improve Your Meetings – Core facilitation skills training

Wisdom In Nature offers training that enables your group to be more confident and skilled in holding effective, inclusive meetings that benefit everyone.

External Facilitation

If your group is stuck in a conflict, it can sometimes help to invite an external facilitator. If you are interested in inviting us for this purpose, please contact us to discuss further.

Our aim is to ensure all voices in a group are heard and integrated, supporting a group to more fully process conflict (rather than to suppress or avoid it), and to thus move forward in a meaningful way that will ultimately enhance the effectiveness of your group.

Alternatively, you may like to have an external facilitator for a special event or forum. This can also allow members of your group to participate, leaving the facilitation to us.