Islamic Ecology

A Qur' anic Introduction

“Verily, in the creation
Of the heavens and the earth,
And in the succession
Of night and day,
There are indeed messages
For all who are endowed with insight.”

(Qur’ an 3:190)


Our workshops and courses in Islamic ecology can be pitched to your unique needs. We can combine our workshops with exploring aspects of the natural world, or with an outdoor exercise, in order to explore the teachings more experientially. We can also fit our content into a wider event, whether an interfaith event, a festival, conference etc.

Examples of the kinds of workshops &  courses we offer on Islamic Ecology:

  • Islam & Ecology (exploring concepts like tawhid, fasad, fitrah, mizan & khalifah, using the Qur’ an)
  • Permaculture & Islam
  • Ecology & Economy
  • Islamic Sufism and Ecology
  • Holistic Action in Being a Green Muslim
  • Islam & Climate Change
  • Food, Muslims & Wholeness

& more…

Timeframe: We can offer workshops that last a couple of hours, a whole day, or a series over a longer period.