Event: Permaculture & Islam: Being Contemplative Changemakers: A 2-day Intro (London)


“The speech of water, the speech of earth, and the speech of mud Are apprehended by the sense of them that have hearts”  ~ Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi: Mathnawi 1.3279

“Permaculture is revolution disguised as gardening.”  ~ Mike Feingold

 A 2-Day Intro Course in London


Date: Sat 13th & 20th May 2017 (Two consecutive Saturdays)
Times: 10am-6pm
Venue: Sufra NW London, 160 Pitfield Way, Stonebridge, London, NW10 0PW

Organised by Wisdom In Nature



Feeling Powerless about the state of the world? Then this course is for you…

Ecological destruction…  Power hierarchies..   Polarised Communities..   Nature disconnection .. A yearning for the emergence of something new..

A Course for Muslims, Sufis, and anyone looking for an Applied Spirituality relevant to our times

While the challenges we face may be many, there are holistic, solution-based approaches that offer hope and practical ways forward.

On this course you will learn approaches that welcome diversity, connect you with people & the wider natural world, and introduce you to a solution-focused design method for regenerating the earth & communities which can be applied to whatever scale of challenge you face.

Permaculture is a practical system for regenerative living, based on observing principles and patterns in nature. By maximising relationships in diverse systems, permaculture has empowered people worldwide to develop dynamic, resilient projects that work with nature, rather than against it. Whether the home and garden, group or community, or one’s own life and career, permaculture can be applied to each situation.

We will be drawing on the practicality of Permaculture,  the richness of a spiritual tradition – Islam – and contemporary approaches to conscious group work that draw on diversity as a strength. This introductory course is set to be educational, fun, inspiring, and transformative, supporting you to apply spiritual values to your own situation and place of power.


We intend that by the end of this course you will:

  1. Have an understanding of basic permaculture tools, principles and ethics.
  2. Understand how permaculture can be used to design holistic, resilient land-based and social projects.
  3. Have experience of slowing down & silence as well as being a ‘Witness to Nature’ – recognising its importance in an applied spirituality.
  4. Take home ways of working consciously with diversity & power to help restore wholeness to our groups.
  5. Be enriched and inspired by fellow travellers at the exciting intersection of Permaculture, Conscious Group Work and Engaged Spirituality.
  6. Invitation to an exclusive Facebook support group for grads.

We hope to include:

– Introduction to permaculture ethics and principles
– Gentle zhikr (Chanting/Remembrance) – optional
– Salat (Islamic body-prayer) – optional
– Nature observation – Being a ‘Witness to Nature’
– Social Permaculture & working with our diversity
– Practise to working Inclusively & Co-operatively
– Community garden practical
– Reflections through spiritual reading
– Next steps?

Please note, we’ll be on a digital detox during the sessions 🙂

Course Facilitators

Dr Muzammal Hussain (Permaculture Designer, Trainer, Therapist)
Dr Shumaisa Khan (Permaculture Designer & Educator)

Course Fees: £120

You are welcome to pay a higher amount e.g. £130 to help fund our Permaculture Outreach Initiative. This will support individuals from less economically privileged backgrounds to take part thus enriching diversity & our collective learning experience.

We may have a limited number of concessionary rates (at £90) dependent on available funds from our Permaculture Outreach Initiative. Priority will be given to applicants from least privileged financial situations. A decision will be made one month before so best apply early. On the application form, when asked ‘what fee will you be paying?’ type: “Applying for £90 concessionary rate”. Once we receive your application we’ll keep you updated.

Regular WiN donors get 10% off the regular course fee! Let us know when you book. Become a regular WiN donor!

Food: Teas will be available; Bring snacks to share (if wished) as well as a packed lunch.

Disability Access: The course is suitable for wheelchair users.

To support a rich learning space, we are limiting participant numbers to 15. We recommend you apply as soon as possible.