Climate Change & Islam

‘Beyond “the” Islamic Declaration on Climate: 5 Core Strands for Structural Healing’>>
A highly informative blog post that goes into structural solutions to climate change relevant to us all.  Click to read >>>

Islam & Climate Change ~ A Call To Heal
A colour Photo-Booklet by the Wisdom In Nature team

From a small team of faith-inspired community activists…

Climate Change is a signal that humankind has lost its course. By drawing on spiritual wisdom, we can respond to this call – this call to heal.

This booklet was produced by a team of community activists to educate, cultivate reflection and inspire holistic action to help build a fairer and more sustainable world for all.

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Islam & Climate Change: Perspectives & Engagement

by Dr Muzammal Hussain

A comprehensive overview of climate change from an Islamic perspective. The paper also offers direction for Muslims in terms of a response to climate change. One of the first papers of its kind.

(38 pages) Download PDF

The Nuclear Power Question

by Dr Muzammal Hussain

Is it in the interest of the United Kingdom to build a new generation of nuclear power stations?

  (12 pages) Download PDF