Climate Change & Islam

Islam & Climate Change ~ A Call To Heal
A colour Photo-Booklet by the Wisdom In Nature team

From a small team of faith-inspired community activists…

Climate Change is a signal that humankind has lost its course. By drawing on spiritual wisdom, we can respond to this call – this call to heal.

This booklet was produced by a team of community activists to educate, cultivate reflection and inspire holistic action to help build a fairer and more sustainable world for all.

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Islam & Climate Change: Perspectives & Engagement

by Dr Muzammal Hussain

A comprehensive overview of climate change from an Islamic perspective. Valuable reading for Muslim climate activists, students, academics, and anyone wanting to get a grasp on the subject. The paper also offers direction for Muslims in terms of a response to climate change.

Topics covered include: Signs for Reflection: Nature and the Qur’an; The Silencing of the Worshippers; When Proportions are Altered; The Doors to Transcendence: Deep Environmentalism; The Journey Home; Dazzled to Consume; Guardianship: A Responsibility the Mountains Refused; Tawhid: The Ultimate Meeting Point; Unnatural Disasters; Hierarchy of Needs: Prioritisation within Islam; Future Generations; The Precautionary Principle; Population Control in Islam; Economics in an Era of Climate Change; Paths to Engagement and more…

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‘Beyond “the” Islamic Declaration on Climate: 5 Core Strands for Structural Healing’

A highly informative blog post that goes into structural solutions to climate change relevant to us all.  Click to read >>>

The Nuclear Power Question

by Dr Muzammal Hussain

Is it in the interest of the United Kingdom to build a new generation of nuclear power stations?

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