Islam & Climate Change ~ A Call to Heal: Order Hard Copies (UK & Abroad)

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“Thank you very much for sending the booklets, which look great! Wonderful achievement, congratulations to all the team.”

“I was very impressed by the design, by its simplicity and directness. You have managed to put it all over in the context of your faith using the quotations and the key words that call us all to a deeper engagement with the way we live on this planet. I have books of many words, which don’t speak as directly as this.”

“We have received the booklets in perfect condition.”

“Thank you very much for the excellent booklets!”

Copies Available to Order

We have copies available to order of our booklet: Islam & Climate Change: A Call to Heal.

These popular, beautiful booklets are printed in full colour using high quality, recycled paper, and are available to order direct from us, whether for your friends, family, school, workplace, mosque/congregation, or organisation etc..

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For UK Orders

We are able to supply a minimum of two booklets for orders within the UK.

Please let us know how many you would like (i.e. 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 or more..), and we will confirm a suggested contribution to help cover costs. i.e.

All amounts below are in British Pounds:

2 booklets……………. £6
5 booklets……………. £11
10 booklets………….. £20
20 booklets………….. £36
30 booklets………….. £52
40 booklets………….. £68
50 booklets………….. £85
100 booklets………… £165

The above is inclusive of P&P. For any other quantity of booklets: please contact us to discuss.

Please fill in the form to make your order. Once processed we will send you payment instructions (option of Paypal or Bank transfer) enabling the order to be complete.

Once we have confirmed your order, please allow 7 days for delivery.

Ordering from outside the UK

We are also able to deliver to addresses outside the UK. If you would like to order from outside the UK, please fill in the form on this page.

Once we receive your information we will suggest a contribution to cover costs, and give you the expected time-frame. (You can expect the suggested contribution to be just a few pounds above the equivalent amount for the UK, according to the difference in postage costs).

You can then decide whether you wish to go ahead.

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