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WIN’s Second Core Strand: ‘Deep Democracy’

The Deep Democracy strand comprises an intention to move:
Away from concentration of power amongst the rich and privileged;
more equalisation of power that honours diversity, draws out consensus and empowers all.

Democracy: Beyond the Superficial
Deep democracy aims to draw out the diverse voices and tap into the wisdom each brings. The protests of various social movements around the world are indicative of the failure of  superficial forms of democracy; the phrase “we are the 99 percent” is a voice representing the masses of people whose lives are exploited at the hands of the 1 percent.   
The concentration of power in the hands of a few leads to marginalization of voices that undermines the wholeness of individuals, communities, and ultimately, our world. Greater wisdom emerges when people actively listen to each other.   Putting the time into processes conducive to deeper dialogue often also saves time in the long run that may otherwise have to be spent on resolving conflicts and undoing damage to people and ecosystems.    

Can Process be Sacred?  
The Qur’ an states:
“Far better and more lasting is what God will give to those who believe and trust in their Lord; who shun great sins and gross indecencies…..; conduct their affairs by mutual consultation…” (Qur’ an: 42:19)

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